Cats Dream

My evening plans seem to have derailed something fierce; first, John came online and started chatting (we had a pretty good conversation, actually…I don’t always keep up with John, but I held my own tonight), and second I started kicking around some CSS again. While in the throes of tweaking my CSS for Windows IE, I noticed that Maxi was pseudo-running in her sleep. Cricket used to do something similar, occasionally, and would also occasionally make these bubbling noises that I suspect were dream-barks. That’s enough evidence to prove to me that animals dream…but, then again, I’m one of those radicals who think that animals feel pain, too. Grr.

Oh yes—another tidbit from the day, since I remember it. After Paula left, Laura came over and said that she had met a gal named Sarah at her church. When Sarah found out that Laura works in The Office, she asked if Laura knew me. At this point my mind only had one thought: Security Breach! My personal life and work life are pretty much separate from each other (not for any real reason, actually), so this was an unusual crossover. After further probing, I concluded that the Sarah in question was actually my childhood friend Sarah. Good thing, too, because other Sarahs might have more incriminating dirt on me. (^_^)


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