Someday I’ll be able to use these lines

I’ve tweaked my blog even more, and I’ve learned the power of the “noscript” tag… so now my blog is functional (though with a significantly reduced set of links on the left—66% less linkage!) on javascript-less machines. I feel better about my site’s javascript addiction, now.

Today I learned that my probability class grade will consist entirely of homework and a take-home final. Neat! I suppose that’s the benefit of being a not-essential-for-graduation upper-division class; the professor can set the rules how he/she likes. I should probably make sure I can do the homework before the night before it’s due, from now on.

We watched the first half of an HBO movie about the RJR Nabisco company in my strategic management class. It had a boatload of hilarious “we’re too damn rich” lines, such as the following:

“We’re making so much money we’re shitting green!”

“Even God rested on Sunday.” “He didn’t make my salary!”

[After a game of golf] “Let’s see… we each owe Don three dollars.” “I hope that puts the SOB in a higher tax bracket!”

James Garner played the CEO of the company, and the guy who played Colonel Juan Perón in Evita was some other guy. I had to physically restrain myself from chanting “Perón! Perón! Perón!” in class.

In other news, my parents have taken a shine to calling our new dog “Yoshi.” I, being a child of the Nintendo generation, already have a very strong association with that name. I’d go so far as to say that that name is reserved, and not available for common use.

I’m pulling for Menchi, myself.


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