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You know, poking at HTML is more fun when you can also listen to music, and I have a pretty limited music selection on my powerbook. Even overlooking that, there’s the slowdown associated with running iTunes, Safari, and a basic text editor at the same time—it causes just enough pauses as I type to drive me crazy. (To be fair, the powerbook should have enough power to do all three… but it only has 192 MB of RAM, which is a bit low for running a modern OS and multiple applications.)

And then my parents came down to watch a movie. So, um… yeah. I have darn near nothing to show for this day. It’s odd to think about how closely tied many of my interests are with my computer (HTML, flash, video editing—the latter two to be more actively pursued after the actuarial exam) or the DVD player. (Dance is my social saving grace, but dances don’t tend to be held on lazy Sunday afternoons.) With my G5 in the shop and the DVD player in use, I drifted throughout the day. My folks eventually found me finishing a book I had started ages ago; they missed the pseudo-nap I took on the deck in the sun.

I don’t read books these days, and I really should. But, given all the things I should be doing but am not, I doubt that’s really going to change anytime soon.


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