“Garbage Can Guardian Angels”?

I swear, spammers are getting more creative. They’ve even adopted the use of l33tsp3@k to try and get through filters. Crazy.

Let’s see… the weekend roundup: on Friday I got a pounding headache every time I exerted myself, so I stopped exerting myself. That is to say, I went in to work—and while I might not have been on top of my game, I still did OK. On Saturday a wicker basket gave me a splinter in the pad of my ring finger; the splinter then proceeded to break in half as I tried to extract it. (sob) Finally had to resort to surgery, which was lots of fun. Saturday evening Brian kicked my ass in Soul Calibur II (sob), and then I threw various anime episodes at him. Today I… er… don’t remember what all I did. Lots of mundane recordingkeeping.

And also tearing unnecessary pages out of my old school notes (I’ve kept some math and business notes on the off chance they might be useful, but—until today—they were found in spiral binders that also held lots of pointless notes). And then vacuuming up the fifteen-thousand tiny paper scraps that littered my room like confetti.

This evening I discovered the next movie that I will see, without a doubt: Shawn of the Dead. I still need to see The Village, actually, if only to be able to talk about it with others.


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