Motion lines

Lots of things going on right now, but I’m too busy to really be able to comment on it all. Situations like this are actually the ones that would give this blog true meaning to me (when I’m in the mad panic I’ve been in the last couple days, things slip my mind rather quickly), and are ironically the very situations where I’m forced to skimp. Hrm.

But, reality is staring me down: I’m taking this exam on Thursday. Or else it’s taking me on Thursday. Either way, Thursday is the appointed day.

I worked some problems over the weekend (!), and I did reasonably well on them: ten problems an hour, with 23/30 of the problems answered correctly. (Random guessing on six problems might raise that score higher.) This might not sound hot, but… my practice exam scores on the first exam were roughly around 32/40, and I did quite well in the end there. My speed should improve further once I actually have the equations I need memorized, rather than trying to pull them from the black hole that is my short-term memory.

Oh, and the day after this exam, Brian and I will be headed to visit a friend in California over the weekend. Fair warning: this place could well be more dead than usual for the next week. Much like I will be.


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