Status: marginal

My disorientation continues—and, even worse, I seem to have been knocked out of my old blogging habit. (In true Brent spirit, I’ll try pushing ahead anyway.) Work remains backlogged to all heck; I’m putting in good hours, but things just don’t seem to be catching up anywhere near fast enough. I’m not dancing (OSU practices resume for the summer next week), I’m not watching anime (though that’s been the case for a while now), I’m not single-tapping people in the head with my tranquilizer gun.

Which leaves me with a question: what the devil have I been doing?

A highlight of the past weekend was watching the MST3K classic, Riding With Death, with Eric, Brian, and Albert. Riding With Death is a traditional (cough) movie in two parts: two completely different stories, held together by common characters and two lines of dialogue. That’s right: two lines. “I’m gonna be a race car driver!” and (my personal favorite) “You’re as elusive as Robert Denby!” Sooooo bad. Yet MST3K reverses the awfulness of the movie into something awesome.

The other weekend highlight was getting a phone call from Andy, telling me to bring my copy of Capcom vs. SNK 2 over to Nate’s—and, oh, that Brian could come too, if he wanted. They needed the game to replay the only match that Nate and Andy ever bothered saving to their memory card. That match consisted of a character interaction that they never knew existed, followed by an all-out brawl of light punches and light kicks. No combinations, no fancier moves. They (as the rest of us did) found humor in the sheer inaneness of it all.

I got Marin to buy the latest Shakira album earlier last week, though I haven’t been too impressed with it so far. New music takes time to grow on me, though, so I can’t really pan the CD yet.

And now, some links:

Steve Jobs’ Stanford commencement address: well worth the read, I say.

U.S. PSPs hacked: Yay! SNES emulation!


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