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I’m expected in my office tomorrow—in spite of my being on a self-prescribed break—to meet, alongside my boss, with a prospective web design firm. The goal? A web presence that doesn’t leave the company feeling dirty and ashamed.

I’m tempted to ask one question that, I believe, will separate the wheat from the chaff in no time flat. I call it The Cederholm Test. The name pretty much implies the question:

Who is Dan Cederholm?

If the question seems like something akin to what is Fight Club?, then hopefully you aren’t a web designer by trade. (If you are, then follow that link stat!) I figure that any web design company who has half a clue about web standards should have heard of Dan, and I also figure that we’d prefer to hire a web design company that has at least half a clue.

I could be wrong about that, though. I’ve looked at the web page of our prospective firm; what it lacks in actual CSS-based design (i.e. it uses tables for all layout—and I hate how unreadable and/or unmanageable tables make web pages) is somewhat atoned for by a sense of style (the company at least has a graphic designer on staff, and uses him/her).

Some of the other people we’ve talked to actually gave us work samples that were created in FrontPage. ICK.

By hook or by crook, I’ll be headed to Sunriver this weekend with Andy & co. (Yes, it’s the second annual—I missed the first—belated Andy’s birthday party Sunriver trip.)

Andy is puzzled by my unwillingness to bring my PSP to Sunriver. He apparently hasn’t seen a man in the depths of a Lumines binge (I’d include women in that, but I haven’t actually seen any females similarly affected); the isolating power of that particular game is truly frightful.


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