(Ominous sound)

So I started getting spam in two of my email accounts yesterday morning, within a period of about an hour. (How did I escape it until now? They’re relatively new accounts.) Only problem is, I’ve only used the second account on two occasions, ever: both times I provided it to financial institutions I use.

Oh shit?

I’ve emailed both places with my suspicion, but I’m not terribly happy about the possibility that someone’s hacked a place where I have money stashed.

Got an email from Apple support today, saying that my repair is on hold for an out-of-stock part. That part is either the main logic board (which should almost certainly fix my problem, as the MLB is inseparable from the processor, and replacing it will require the reapplication of thermal paste), or spit. In the first case the delay will be however long it takes to get a spare MLB; in the latter it’s as long as they want to take.

Needless to say, I’m hoping for the happier resolution.


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