Fight image spam!

I don’t know about you, but I spend more time than I care to junking spam from my inbox. Almost all of mine, these days, has been of the form of random text with a GIF attachment selling the latest stock scam. (The rest, as you might suspect, have been offering to improve my sexual performance.)

I’d actually bookmarked a Hawk Wings post on how to filter image-based spam a few months ago: key in on the “Content-Type: multipart/related” header, and add additional rules to week out false positives. Only today was I bothered enough to put it into effect (incidentally, I use Thunderbird—this isn’t a Mac-only,, technique); initial results indicate that it’s working like a charm. I’m actually looking forward to checking my email, now.

Nota bene: this doesn’t actually mean that I’m any better about replying to email than usual. I’m still terrible about that.

(Yes, I’m alive. Exhausted, though. More—hopefully—later.)


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