Don’t know much

♪Look at this site, so beaten and so battered♪

Neville/Ronstadt references aside, this place is looking kind of… old. The blog has weathered things better than the rest of the site (courtesy of a redesign in January 2006), but everything else looks like it was designed in an era of internet scarcity… probably because it was. (Just look at how small those pictures are!)

Furthermore, the rest of the site never really got going. And looking at things realistically, they never will. This blog singlehandedly sustains more neglect than any thing should ever have to suffer; there’s no need to spread more around.

In short, it’s high time for a redesign—and high time to officially kill off sections that have been implicitly dead for over half a decade. That said, I have no clear idea of where I want to take my design…. In the interim, I’ve collected a “best of” (better of) group of old sidebars, so I can drink alone and relive the glory of days past.

Speaking of the good ol’ days, I recently unearthed my original blog files. (!) (It’s hard to state how improbable this discovery was.) As a result, I am proud to present to you a screenshot of brent//BLOG v1.0: You Are (Not) Alone:

brent//BLOG v1.0



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