But You Can’t Throw Feces

Today was an absolutely delightful day, in that it was the first day in a long while (which is rather weird, considering this is summer) where I was able to completely laze around the house and do absolutely nothing. Not one thing that I didn’t want to do got done. It was beautiful.

Of course, that meant that I got very little done. Very little. Some people on the AOD forums decided to take an anime sabbatical over the long weekend (i.e. only watch anime, and read anime web sites)…that’s quite a bit too much for me. Still, Marin and I did manage to plow through ten episodes of Niea_7 throughout the day. Niea is—as far as I know—the second of ABe’s works (the others, as I babbled on about before, are Lain and Haibane Renmei). Believe it or not, the guy does romanize his name as “ABe.”

Niea’s a delightful slice-of-life show, about a girl (Mayuko) who barely makes ends meet while trying to attend a cram school and the lower-caste alien (Niea, an “under seven”) who mooches off of her. The show also featured the most hilariously misplaced subtitle I’ve ever seen: imagine two people quietly looking at an electricity bill, with the subtitle reading “but you can’t throw feces.” Another episode featured Mayuko, who’s endearingly sweet, reading an entry from Niea’s American Joke book: What do a gay man and a refrigerator have in common? They’re both places you can put your sausage.

Mayu responded to the joke she read about as well as I’m sure you all just did.

I also read the latest GTO manga today, and it’s far more non-P.C. than Niea_7 could ever dream of being. The manga-ka’s willingness to go over-the-top with reckless abandon is just hilarious…at the end of the volume, Onizuka had started his students out digging for buried treasure under the pretense of searching for sea turtle eggs, and a talent agent for one of Onizuka’s ex-students narrowly escaped death by both an exploding building and missiles fired at his car from a helicopter—all because he was trying to save the gal from becoming involved in yakuza-related pornography. […I’m almost certain that no-one could even begin to get the humor, especially in my processed form, so I’ll just give up now…]

I do have a few aspirations for the weekend, such as working on the ill-fated //anime pages and seeing if I can figure out Flash programming, but they’ll have to wait for tomorrow. Sleep deprivation continues to catch up to me, even this late into summer.

Born to Stand Out

Tonight was Rose’s surprise birthday party. The surprise ended up being the presence of both Sarah (my friend from back in elementary school) and me, so it ended up being a pretty quiet affair. It was great fun nevertheless. Rose’s parents are wonderful, and the food was delicious. Rose herself seems to be doing quite well.

After dinner Rose’s mom went to the video store and then called Rose (via cell phone) to pick out a movie to watch…it was long and arduous process, mostly thanks to the junky movies that Hollywood keeps pumping out. We finally decided on an inoffensive title: What a Girl Wants. As Rose noted afterwards (and I elaborated on), it takes considerable effort to compress that many stereotypes into a single movie.

I left the movie considerably wiser. Ian asks Daphne, right before they lock lips, “why are you trying so hard to fit in, when you were born to stand out?” I thought about it for the microsecond required, and realized that the life I’ve been living is a lie. I, too, am born to stand out. Be warned. Be armed, too.

The snotty girl’s snotty boyfriend had some deliciously snotty lines, too. I’ll be sure to use them, if I ever remember them—they were quite effective in the movie. One line was to the effect of “why don’t you give me the kiss I know you want to give me?” Another of his techniques I’ll be sure to use is to point out to an eligible female that women can’t resist me, and then expect that female to find me irresistible. It’s so simple it has to work!

The movie was a success, because I only cringed 50% of the time during the movie. In contrast, I cringed 100% of the time while watching the “Mary Kate and Ashley Do Mexico” preview that preceded the movie.

Toss in a dash of reminiscing of things past, such as the FDI and CIDA cards, and the OIC report on Kinko’s, and that summarizes the evening nicely.

It’s Late

I just wanted to make that perfectly clear. I’ve been pretty bad about getting up in the mornings, so I’m going to have to make this quick so I can get to bed.

Luckily there wasn’t much going on today. Work was meh. In the evening I ate Arby’s roast beef sandwiches with Eric (5 for $5.95!), sneaked a look at the new G5 through a window at The Computer Store, and then helped him get hooked up to AIM.

Superficially, it looks like I should be able to create a “simple” RPG (e.g. Final Fantasy II) with Flash. Making my own RPG has been a goal of mine for many, many years (not so much that I have a great RPG to be made—but if you get the program made, it should be easy enough to modify into an endless number of RPGs), but back in the day the only tool I had was (now defunct) HyperCard. I managed to get that program to do much more than it was ever designed to do: have a character wander around an overworld map, and a functional (even animated, though poorly) battle engine. Flash, unlike Hypercard, is designed to deal with modern multimedia (e.g. color pictures) and animation, is cross-platform, and has a programming language to tie things together. I’m going to have to take a closer look at it, and see if I can pick up the language without too much difficulty. I don’t know about saving games, though….

Windows Update

The latest email from Brian noted that this blog looked “really bad” on a PC. Frankly, when I got this page together I was happy enough to get its layout looking about the same on the PC as on my Mac. (Keep in mind that the only PC “box” I have access to is Virtual PC running Windows 95 on my four-year-old G4.) Brian’s email shamed me into tweaking my CSS so that things look a bit better on the Windows side: namely, titles should actually be bold now, and links within entries should no longer be ultra-bold. Hopefully nothing has changed for Mac viewers.

Dividing lines between days should actually be dotted and not dashed, but Windows IE doesn’t yet support dotted lines. Other than that, I believe things look fairly similar now; any other differences are mostly due to the anti-aliasing that the Mac uses. If’n you think that something still needs tweaking (or “looks like ass,” as my friend Neil would say), let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

I just got an email from Tiffany, pointing to this article that quotes the Corvallis Gazette-Times. Color me e-double-x-tremely confused—does Ms. Love’s mother live around here?

Also, observe the death of Disney’s traditional animation department (something I discovered August 25th in Radical Bender’s blog). You can read others’ comments on the news in response to T-Money’s babble on BuzzJive dated August 26th.

As I told Tiffany, I still prefer traditional cel-based animation to the 3D or computer-aided animation—there’s just something warmer about it. The more recent computer-animated cel-based anime shows are actually starting to look quite good, however. [Though the current trend seems to be for low-detail, fluidly-animated shows—and I don’t care for those as much. Heck, I didn’t really notice when Trigun’s animation took a widely-recognized hit, so I’m not too picky about animation quality.] Most 3D stuff I see, even of late, is just junk; it looks awful, and people get more tied up in making the 3D look “real” than making sure the show has a plot or the characters are likable.

Gah. Enough of that, for now.

Today’s Experiment…Failed

I couldn’t fall asleep while listening to Mimiru’s Theme—it was just too darn upbeat. As Behroozi would say, damn and blast. I’ll have to try again when I’m completely exhausted.

My mood today was much improved from yesterday’s, but not completely freed from foulness. This slow return to my generally blasé self was hindered by the uneducated slack-jawed yokel who tried to sample a cherry Slurpee while I was getting a Pepsi from 7-Eleven. He tried to sample the cherry Slurpee by cupping his hand directly underneath its spout. Its high-velocity spout. Which spewed cherry Slurpee into his hand. Which redirected the cherry Slurpee to my clothing. Which took the hit and turned pink. Damn and blast, again.

At work the power cut out for a while—right when I was ready to void the ill-fated Pepsi I had bought earlier. The bathrooms at my work, like many bathrooms, have no windows whatsoever…so I was forced to devise a crude method of illuminating the toilet using the only light source I had: my iPod’s backlight. I’m not keen on repeating the experience, but it worked out well in the end. Thank goodness.

I expected my coworkers to celebrate when the power died, but they just grumbled a bit and began milling about aimlessly. It’s sad how much life has been sucked out of them.

The mailman delivered the Manga Bomb to my doorstep this afternoon, so I’m now faced with a difficult decision: do I read Marmalade Boy, Great Teacher Onizuka, or Chobits tonight? (Actually, there’s not much to decide—it’s given that Chobits comes first, followed by GTO. Marmalade Boy would easily beat out any other title than those two, but falls short here.)

This evening I went on an anime background hunt (always interesting to see what I can run across) and watched an episode of Haibane Renmei, the latest work by Yoshitoshi ABe (creator of Serial Experiments Lain). Haibane Renmei kicks ass. Heck, even Piro recommends it.

I also took a moment to step outside with my family and observe the Red Planet. Mars is currently closer to the Earth than it’s been in 60,000 years, and so appears to the eye as a slightly larger, mildly-orange colored star in the sky. It’s actually somewhat creepy; I’ve spent enough time watching the stars to recognize that Mars (though I wouldn’t know enough to call it Mars, normally) doesn’t look right. Akin to a solar eclipse, writ small…even though you know what’s going on, it’s vaguely unsettling.

And that’s enough for tonight. Chobits awaits!

Music Experiment

I spent the majority of the day at work in a foul mood. I hypothesize that this is related to the fact that I fell asleep with Komm Susser Todd on repeat in my CD player last night (hey! It is the most upbeat song about suicide that you’ll ever hear). No, I’m not suicidal. Yes, it actually was part of an experiment I decided to run when I was groggy right before bed last night. Yes, I’m that stupid. Tonight I’ll put Mimiru’s Theme (incredibly upbeat BGM and humming from the second .hack//SIGN soundtrack) on repeat, and see what my attitude towards the world is tomorrow.

One of the ways I manage to hurt myself at work is by watching the scanner scan Important Documents for too long. I’ll occasionally get a sharp pain in my neck, and if I’m not careful that can reach the point where it hurts to turn my head at all (well, I’ll hurt myself enough that I’ll wake up the next morning unable to turn my head). I thought I had done myself in that way going into this last weekend, as every night I would lie down and have a mildly sore neck; in Seattle I would actually pop my spine (!?) once or twice every night when I laid flat on my back. So far no major pain has emerged, but I sense it lurking in the corner still. I hate that. I also hate popping my cervical/upper-thoracic spine, ’cause I don’t think you’re supposed to do that. (Maybe what I’m actually popping is the spot where ribs meet the spine???)

Nothing much happened at work, as far as I know. Then again, I was grumpy and not going to too much effort to hide it. I spent the evening updating records and paying bills that I would have done this weekend…recordkeeping is so darn time-consuming, sometimes (or perhaps I just make it that way). Had fun chatting with Brian on IM while updating my books, mostly discussing the merits of various manga series.

Just now I had fun flexing my junior-layout skillz creating prototype book cover layouts for Marin. Sadly, my five-minute layouts (while nothing fancy) look better than some actual book covers.

…and that brings me to the point where I regretfully inform you that my Seattle trip treatise does not yet exist. I’ll get that written at some point here; give you something to look forward to and whatnot. Since I’m lazy, and because the Quote Database is so damn cool, I’ll just like to another part of the site. Sure, these aren’t all gems like the Top 50 were, but there are still plenty of hilarious things in there. Take message 183:

<BlackDeth> i was playin CS

<BlackDeth> and i accidentally ran over my whole team with a tank

<BlackDeth> i got booted off the server :/

And for a nightcap, message 112:


I know how Amanda` feels.

Back from Seattle

Youch. I’ve not gotten enough high-quality sleep over the weekend, and I’ve been sitting down so long that it actually hurts to sit in front of my computer and type this. As such, I’m going to hit the hay soon and give the weekend blow-out later.

But, yes, I am alive. The weekend was fun, if not full of video games and associated debauchery. No more debauchery than might be found in the Quote Database Top 50, however. That place is frickin’ hilarious.

Off to Seattle

It’s been mildly hectic trying to piece together the essentials for Project Beat Zappa’s Dog, but I think I have everything packed and in the car now. I didn’t make it to work today—as you might guess, I’m suffering greatly because of that. The bosses are away today, too…so once you add in the fact that it’s Friday, I figure I’ll get the same amount of work done as everyone else in the office—just not get paid for it.

While I’m out seeing how finely honed Baiken’s sword is, you might want to study this zombie simulation (link found on Insert Credit) or else read a pretty good joke. Enjoy the weekend! I’ll probably be back Sunday evening.


The bosses were away today, so many of my coworkers played. That means that they made little for me to scan, so I had a light day myself. I spent that extra time twisting the report-generating abilities of our program to my own ends, and listening to the sporadic cheers from the keg out back.

In case you had any doubts, my own ends are for the good of all. My efforts revealed that we have a problem, but maybe not enough of one to get others off their duffs (at work Marin and I are frequently like the firemen telling the Party People that the roof is on fire, to no avail). Neither Marin nor I seem to be able to pinpoint where things are going wrong, which doesn’t help us either.

We’ll see if I can figure any more out before I leave for Seattle tomorrow….

Zombie Brent Day

The extreme amount of caffeine I imbibed yesterday seems to have had its effect on me: elevated heart rate and inability to sleep. When I finally did get to sleep, I slept a good ten hours and woke up feeling like heck.


I managed to stumble through work, dinner, and the evening hours without killing myself—a feat mostly made possible by my extremely late start to the day. I don’t think I pissed anyone off, made any (big) messes, or killed any kittens, so I’m willing to call this day as much of a success as it could possibly be. As you may guess, I’ve sworn off caffeine for the moment and am doing my darndest to get to bed at a reasonable hour.

That second goal slips through my fingers as I type, however. It’s probably too late for me to save myself, anyway.


Go! Go! Peace!

Hmm. Looks as if the JSDF is having a rough time of it, judging from their newest advertising campaign. Also, have a look at their slogan, in the upper-right corner of their web page.

Who in the world came up with those slogans? As AOD forum poster dylandog said, “I don’t think we need to worry about Japanese imperialism at this rate.”

You Will Do It Again

Wow. Staying up late last night and getting up early today was the straw that broke me—I was basically all nerves and caffeine at work today. I wasn’t exactly getting paranoid, but my thought processes became more and more unusual as the day progressed. Good thing that I was doing all kinds of new, unfamiliar things today. Ugh.

The worst part of it was that the meeting (i.e. the reason I woke up early) wasn’t worth my pain at all. The biggest news that came out of it was that (as I had predicted) one of our coworkers was no longer with us. This came as quite a shock, as that coworker hadn’t shown up for the last week and a half.

The other worst part of it was that, right as I was ready to sneak out the door at 4:00 pm, my office manager popped up and sprung a two-hour project on me. I was forced to shell out sixty cents for a can of Mountain Dew (as if I didn’t have enough problems today already) to keep me awake long enough to finish the job.

Office Manager: Fuyutsuki, go get Brent.

Fuyutsuki: Can…can we use him?

Office Manager: He’s not dead yet. [pause] Brent?

Brent: Yes?

Office Manager: The help is unusable. You will do it again.

Brent: Fuck.

I don’t recall too much of the evening, since I passed out on the couch soon after getting off of work. When I woke up, I wandered upstairs to find the TV tuned to CMT and featuring three of the worst commercials I’ve ever seen back-to-back. The first was for a “heavy” instant-food-product that made the store shake every time the stock boy put a box on the shelf. (Get it? Heavy?) The second featured two women running in front of a blue-screened rapidly approaching roast chicken in a pan, screaming “OMG OMG teh chizicken si stuckzor to the pan!!!111” The solution, surprisingly enough, wasn’t to attack the malfeasant fowl with a chainsaw (as I had first suspected)—it was some new non-stick wrapping product. The third, and by far the shortest, ad featured a little boy kicking a clown in the crotch, followed by white on black text: “Do your part.” (Okay, so I’ve already forgotten the actual contents of the third ad. I assure you, however, that it was bad.)

CMT then returned to some Toby Keith mini-marathon and played “Who’s Your Daddy?,” which was a surprisingly catchy tune (not too frequently do I come across a male country artist who I can listen to without clawing at my ears) married to a surprisingly funny music video (right at the top).

In other news, Apple supposedly began shipping single-processor G5 machines yesterday. So far, nobody seems to have actually seen one in real life. Ah well…soon, soon. Nice-looking box, though.

Sailor Excel

It feels good to be caught up at work. Makes it a lot easier to walk in late and blow off any commentary the receptionist provides about my lax hours. ^_^

Work also provided me with the pleasures of lifting reasonably heavy boxes and discovering that one of my coworkers suffers from what I like to call the Peter Principle Plus. In other words, my coworker is two promotions beyond his/her abilities. There’s also another (!) meeting tomorrow morning (usually meetings come every other week); I predict that we’ll hear that a coworker or two has given their two week notices, among other things.

Wow. I actually have weekend plans again. Sadly, they include playing Guilty Gear XX at Lanwerx in Bellvue, Washington (a Penny-Arcade event)—but I will be joined by Andy, Nate, and Andy’s friend Jon. The weekend’s code name, as determined by Andy, is Project Beat Zappa’s Dog. [This is a clever merging of a Guilty Gear XX character who summons a demon dog with Project FF-Dog nomenclature, for those who may be unfamiliar with one or the other.] After dominating the unsuspecting masses, we’ll wander around and check out the Seattle nightlife. I’m curious about how we’ll hold up to the competition, but I suspect the larger amount of fun will be had checking out Seattle. (Believe it or not, I really don’t spend much time playing video games these days—that distinction goes to anime.)

Speaking of which, that odd picture of a fan I linked to last night in my stupor was the announcement for the new Nurse Witch Komugi-chan (an anime spinoff of the anime superhero show, SoulTaker) PS2 game. (^_^); I don’t really care about it, but I needed something to link to and I was running out of energy fast. Too bad I didn’t realize that there was something to link to that might actually be interesting to someone (Brian): the opening animation to the third Tenchi Muyo OVA. I’m glad they’re using the same character designs as the first two OVAs; the character designs in Tenchi in Tokyo were just weird, and everyone’s vacuous eyes (pick a picture) freaked me out a bit.

Tonight the Sailor Moon first season box set arrived, and we watched the first episode. I was greatly amused by the show, but I suspect that well over half of my amusement was derived from the fact that the voice of Sailor Moon is none other than Mitsuishi Kotono, a.k.a. Excel Excel from Excel Saga. Of course, my chronology is all backwards (Sailor Moon came long before Excel Saga), but that doesn’t detract from the fact that the idiotic Sailor Moon sounds the same as the idiotic Excel.

While finding the Project FF-Dog link, another link caught my eye: Japanese girls are crazy. Ha.

No News Day

Nothing happened today, and I’m 96.97% (or 32/33, for those who demand precision) asleep as I write this. Maybe something will happen tomorrow. Until then—sweet dreams.

No, I have no idea why that link. Blame Momotato Daioh.

I Meant To Do That

Brian noted that my consolation link in the previous update was actually one that I’d already used before. I meant to do that.


(Well, actually, I wasn’t sure if I had or hadn’t…and I was feeling too lazy to check, and I figured it would work either way. Turns out it was the more entertaining of the two possibilities. Go me!)

Slow News Day

You know how I told y’all yesterday that I had absolutely no work that could be done if I tried to work today? That wasn’t entirely true, as I went in to work today.

A more truthful statement would have specified that “I have no scanning to do.” As it was earlier today, though, I had a giant pile of old scanned batches collecting in the back room that needed to be purged. By order of the fire marshall.

It was that bad. Serious!

So Marin and I spent a few hours this afternoon putting paper into recycle bags. Thrilling work! I returned to shower and then play some Guilty Gear XX. Seems that the Penny Arcade crew are going to have a day-long gaming party next Saturday in Bellvue, Washington—and neither Andy, nor Andy’s friend who lives in Washington, are opposed to attending this event. I’m not sure if I’ll go, but it might be different. Scarily different. I wonder if my Baiken can hold up to hardcore gamers (do recall that I’m not a hardcore gamer) whose names aren’t Andy or Nate.

This evening I put finger to keyboard and started hammering out one of many (“at least two, maybe three”) layouts for my anime pages (!). [Nothing’s posted yet, so no need to look…I still have a lot of work ahead of me.] Eric emailed me a few nights ago and suggested that my anime musings from here might be better suited for that decrepit anime page…and he’s right, in many ways. I have something a bit different in mind, though; I just need to get it implemented. As such, you’ll still get to read about choice bits of anime here…. I’ve also been chatting with Brian on IM; our conversation became more interesting (due to Brian’s quotations of his conversations) once a drunken Sean came online and started interacting with both Brian and Miwa.

Okay, okay! If you insist that this blog entry didn’t inform and entertain, then I’ll refund you your purchase price and give you an early review of the third Star Wars movie.

Celebration & Consternation

At six pm I officially declared August 15th to be Freedom from Work Day. This event marks the day that I completely catch up on my backlog of old work for the first time in the year, and when I have the opportunity to stay caught up until school starts again. I would have absolutely nothing to do if I went into work right now. \(^_^)/

My victory is fleeting, as my coworkers are coming in over the weekend to give me more stuff to scan. Nevertheless, I will celebrate by directing y’all to a site that illustrates some examples of anime scenes being derived from actual locations. The show the site focuses on is Onegai Twins, the sequel to Onegai Teacher. (Be sure to thank Anime Blog Muyo! for the heads-up.)

Tonight, while Marin and Dad watched Monk, I started looking at what it takes to be an actuary. The first of many exams I’ll have to take is offered in November and May of each year, and costs about $100. And it scares the shit out of me. Knowing how out-of-practice I am with all things mathematical—and this despite being a math major—I’m realistically looking at taking the exam in May of next year. (The exam is four hours and multiple choice, but features all the math I’ve ever learned in college. At the same time. If I’m handy with the various concepts, the multiple-choice aspect of the exam should make it an easy target for me; if I’m not prepared, it’ll be four hours of looking doom in the face.) I should be graduating in March, and I haven’t yet spent any time thinking about my life after college…I’m looking forward to starting this painful process over the weekend.

Sooo…anyone know of a company that’ll want to hire a wanna-be actuary sometime after May next year?

Update for Update’s Sake

Hmm. The main message out of the staff meeting today was “grow up.” Indeed, the office could use a bit of that. Kinda sad. There’s actually a huge Gordian knot of issues building up at work, and it seems ready to cause undue suffering to some in the office. I dunno; as usual, it doesn’t really affect me…but this time I might be able to do something to help others.

In happier news, I actually get work done when I show up for a full eight-hour day. I managed to scan the three nasty piles of paper that had been building up—two of them in hiding—in my cubicle, thereby clearing the way for me to be completely, 100% caught-up if I work at things one more day. Alas, scanning paper is more of a process than a goal, somewhat akin to life itself—except that, this time, it’s even more difficult to enjoy the journey.

This evening I somewhat spontaneously decided to watch some of the first episodes of anime that Marin managed to acquire, and so was introduced to Asagiri no Miko and Battle Fairy Yukikaze. Asagiri no Miko is another one of the crop of 15-minute episode shows that seem to have established themselves in the last few years, so the first episode didn’t really give much of a taste for the show. There’s a guy in it who has one red and one brown eye, though, and he freaks me out. Yukikaze, on the other hand, was a 45-minute OVA episode. Despite three times the running time of Asagiri no Miko, I think I derived about the same amount of total pleasure from each of them. In other words, Yukikaze did next to nothing for me: ugly character designs, hints of shonen-ai, puking for non-humorous effect…pretty much everything I don’t care to see in my anime.


The day got off to a good start, with Marin’s Amazon Japan package arriving before lunch. This was notable because the package also contained the new Maaya Sakamoto CD, Nikopachi. Boo yah. I ripped that sucker straight to my iPod and had new tunes to bop along with at work.

Apparently there’s quite a bit of stuff going on at work: a coworker has gotten into some trouble (can’t go into detail there, but it has potential to have larger ramifications), and was talking of quitting; some big talk from others about telling the boss where to stick certain issues (much macho posturing occurs when my coworkers talk in small groups, but very little actually survives until a staff meeting); an additional automation program will be utilized in short order…and an Extremely Rare Thursday Meeting has been called. Last time we had a meeting on a day other than Tuesday (the officially blessed day of meeting) was over a year ago, when the building was surrounded by ATF agents a fairly crucial coworker gave her two weeks notice. I guess I won’t be pulling my traditional late night tonight; tomorrow’s festivities should prove entertaining enough to warrant getting up early.

Another one of my coworkers actually described the ongoing office events as drama-rama. I wonder if she sidelines as a copy writer for Tokyopop—with her work most notably featured in Marmalade Boy. (Brian knows what I mean; both of us cringed quite strongly when we read the events around Miki’s life classified as drama-rama.) Outside of Marmalade Boy and work today, I have never heard the term used; I think I’m thankful for that.

Ate Arby’s for lunch today. Apparently we’ve been doing that too frequently, because the cashier (who I didn’t especially recognize) joked that he was starting to recognize me. He theorized that soon I’d be able to drive up during lunch hour, say “It’s me,” and then pull forward to exchange predetermined amounts of money for food. (Along the same lines, I’m also apparently a buddy of the guy who mans the drive-thru at A&W. It was news to me.)

Last note for the evening: I’m currently undergoing a crisis of faith. I swore that I would never support copy-protected CDs—not a big deal here (yet), but a practice that’s now commonplace in Japan. I’ve now discovered that the current schemes used are mostly ineffective, and that I would probably be able to rip and copy these “copy-protected” CDs as any other CD. There are some songs I’d like to have that only exist on copy-protected CDs…but should I buy them? Even if I could rip them and burn copies of them? At what point should we, as consumers, draw a line and say this is unacceptable? Wouldn’t buying CDs marked “copy protected” just tell the industry that it’s OK to restrict our fair-use rights? Or does that only matter if the copy protection schemes actually work?


Weekend in Review

So I finished fiddling with Brian’s mom’s iMac a little after 5 pm on Saturday. I came home, hastily threw together supplies for an overnight stay (Andy’s parents are so nice, letting me stay over like I do) and hopped in the car. On previous trips I would take the time to compile 80 minutes of music and burn a CD for the trip, which would start over from the beginning about fifteen minutes before I arrived at Andy’s place; this time I took my iPod and its two shiny new accessories: a cigarette-lighter adaptor, for power, and a cassette adaptor. Yes, my car was one of the last cars ever made that included a tape deck.

I quickly ascertained that the tape adaptor has no bass. Other than that, the setup worked swell; I bopped along quite happily the entire trip up. One downside is that you absolutely can not mess with the iPod once you’re driving; it just takes your eyes off the road for too long. I had figured that might be the case, though, so just set it on Shuffle and (for all intents and purposes) ran my own personal, commercial free, radio station.

Merging on the interstate was a nightmare. I saw an open spot in front of a truck, and gunned it to make that gap—only to have a second truck, that had just passed the first truck, decide to merge back into the right hand lane. Into my lane. Into me. I had successfully merged, but the other truck didn’t notice—so it changed lanes, and I (since I had been eyeing this other truck, thankfully) bailed to the emergency lane. The first truck saw this and slowed down to let me in, and the rest of the trip was uneventful.

I hate trucks.

Andy was engrossed in Wario Ware when I arrived, and he soon had me playing it. Nick and Nate both called while I was pushing the A button repeatedly, and showed up at Andy’s in short order. Nate found Andy battling a boss stage (Defend the Earth!, or somesuch); Nick found Andy and me in a furious two-player battle to be the first to drop a brick on the other person’s character. That description is somewhat false, at it makes it sound like the game might be mildly interesting; in reality it’s just an exercise in timing. After Andy finally defeated me (or, as I prefer to think, I threw the game so that I’d never have to play it again), Nick commented that our battle had been damn boring for its spectators; I informed him that being engaged in the battle was even worse.

At about this time, Nick decided to sit down on Andy’s bed. Andy had bought a poster of the bridges of Portland earlier in the day, and had it rolled up on his bed. Nick and the poster did battle—and the poster was crushed. Andy unrolled the poster to find periodic creases throughout the length of it; Nate and I tried to not laugh as Andy anguished (it would suck to lose your new poster that way) and Nick—in true lawyer fashion—offered cash compensation.

I had initially been lured up with talk of Nate’s Project Shinji-Dog, an unholy hybrid of Evangelion, “Heroes of Might and Magic” (turn-based multiplayer computer game), and alcohol, all wrapped up in Project FF-Dog nomenclature. There didn’t seem to be broad-based support for this plan of action, so instead we watched an episode of Monty Python, Nick wore an extremely stupid hat, and Andy tried to get in digs at Nick’s “fat ass” as frequently as possible. I never wished for my camera as much as I did when Nick put on that hat. (I’d describe it for you, but my description falls far short. Just imagine it’s an exceedingly stupid, fake hat.)

We then formed a loosely knit street gang, and made our way around the neighborhood to Nate’s house (to pick up Heroes of Might and Magic), Nick’s house (to get a laptop), and back to Andy’s. Along the way Andy insisted on doing “tricks” off of various objects (predominantly rocks and curbs, but also including the occasional bush). While waiting for Nick to get his laptop I began reading the Heroes manual by street lamp light (apparently this chick, Fate, is quite attractive and quite single), and Andy attempted to hide behind a park bench. Andy failed to grasp the power of the third dimension, however, and—because he’s taller than the bench was long—wound up with his ass sticking up beyond the back of the bench. I accused him of practicing that position, and he admitted he was.

Once back at Andy’s, we put Go in the DVD player—a clever and funny movie, if you haven’t seen it—and fired up Nick’s laptop. Literally fired up. That sucker got damn hot, to the point where the late hour and the beers that others had consumed led to multiple references of burning one’s wang. We eventually resorted to using a pillow to separate the computer from ourselves. Heroes of Might and Magic seems like an OK game, but I was playing at a huge disadvantage; the only thing I got out of the manual, as I’ve already told you, was that Fate is hot. It was an hour or two into the game that comments Nate made informed me that you could actually go inside towns. After the movie ended we debated whether or not Nick had indeed consumed three beers, as Nate and Andy had. (Nick couldn’t remember the third.) The evidence seemed quite damning at first: they had all gotten one beer each at three times, and Andy had examined Nick’s bottles and was disappointed when they were all empty. We later discovered that one of Nick’s bottles was unopened, and concluded that one of us had lost it—just not the one we had thought.

As we had drained Andy’s house of alcohol, we moved on to Nate’s—parent free! (ooh)—house for the Animatrix and continued gaming. Andy and I dragged ourselves back to Andy’s place sometime between two and three…I think it was closer to three, but I was too tired to take note of the time. I was able to prove my resourcefulness by getting into my sleeping bag by the indiglo light of my iPod. Yay iPod—MP3 player, portable hard drive, and flashlight.

The next morning was the annual Portland “Bike the Bridges” event, where roads were closed off and hordes of bikers ride a course that includes the bridges of Portland. [Historical sidenote: this event actually marks the one-year anniversary of when I first visited Andy in Lake Oswego.] Andy, as his dad later determined, had stayed up too late and had too much beer, and so felt sick and didn’t participate in the ride as he had planned. Anyway…I slept in late, as befitted the late evening, and then got up and read the Oregonian while waiting for Andy to return from not riding his bike. We made plans with Karl to go see 28 Days Later in the afternoon, and then passed time via Guilty Gear XX. Though I’m still only well-versed in a few characters, I’m happy to say that Andy no longer has anybody with which he is almost guaranteed to trash me with. Baiken’s counter moves allow me to trash Potempkin handily, whereas in the past I’d always have to resort to name-calling (“fuckin’ Potempkin!”) to compensate for my inability in the fight.

During this time I also discovered that Andy and others were planning to fly to Vegas over a weekend in September. I was tempted to join, but it now seems that they’ve moved the date back to October…and school this term doesn’t look like I should take it lightly. (Something to do with the fact that I’ve put off all my difficult classes, and now have to face them all at once.)

Karl arrives at two, and soon after we pile into Andy’s Civic to make our way to the Lloyd Center. As I climbed into the back seat, my iPod case caught on the side of the car and the clip gave out. I silently pouted over the loss of my case on the way to the movie. It’s been a great case for taking my iPod to work.

We make our way to the theater, where the person behind the counter informs us of the second ending after the credits of the film (they threw the second ending in a few weeks after the movie came out—some marketing ploy, eh?) and we find our seats during the fifteen minutes of previews. [Andy deliberately timed things so we would avoid “The Twenty,” i.e. the twenty minute pre-produced advertising film played before movies these days.]

28 Days Later wastes very little time getting to the scene of Our Hero, Jim, wakes out of his coma to discover that something has happened to London—specifically, there’s not a soul around. A few more minutes in, and he’s walking into a church; in the stairwell, becoming clearer as Jim makes his way up the stairs, is a message spray painted on the wall. This message also became the primary bit of wisdom I took home from the movie: The end is fucking nigh. Funny!

Last time I was in The L.O., Nick claimed that the greatest criticism levied against 28 Days Later was that it didn’t advance the zombie genre in any way. I’m not so sure that the movie was that good; though the movie wasn’t bad, it felt like a mostly-weaker derivative of Night of the Living Dead that features a few truly shining moments. 28 Days Later had at least two scenes that made extraordinarily effective use of music—whereas I’m not sure that NotLD had any music (at least, in comparison, it doesn’t)—and had a few moments of decent self-referential humor (a la Scream, before that joke got old). It also effectively portrayed the emptiness of London…. Beyond that, though, it was mostly a twist on the “group of people put together under stress eventually fall apart from within” plot that NotLD featured. There are moments where people decide to do absolutely inane things without any reason (can a horror movie exist without this crutch?), which made me cringe. The middle of the movie gutted the horror completely and opted for some bizarre pesudo-inspirational road trip theme, while the final third revists the NotLD theme with a vengeance. The film seems to be of two minds as to what it is about (road trip, or people reacting under stress), and—in my opinion—it suffers for that. [On the other hand, it wasn’t shot by a hand-held camcorder and so didn’t make me throw up, thus it’s automatically light-years ahead of The Blair Witch Project.]

…And that’s enough of my trying to be pretentious and reviewing a horror movie. I should note that I’ve only seen most of Night of the Living Dead, and, for all I know, that movie might be a derivative work of some other horror movie.

After the movie’s first ending, the entire audience sits through the credits to wait for the second ending. As the credits come to a close, the entire audience watches incredulously as one guy in the front row decides it’s time to leave. Someone eventually reminded the guy about the second ending.

Post-movie we checked out the mall’s Electronics Boutique store, which featured extremely crippled, but still playable, demos of Soul Calibur II. Andy settled into playing the computer, while Karl and I poked around the store. I eventually got bored, and Andy invited me to see if I could play against him—and was disappointed to learn that I could. We engaged in an extremely hot (ha ha) Cassandra-on-Cassandra battle, where I managed to curb-stomp Andy despite his earlier practice and my not remembering the controls very well. Andy then determined the game to be stupid, and so we went out and cooled off by the side of the mall’s skating rink.

Things pretty much occurred here as I mentioned them in passing in my late-Sunday entry. I marvelled at how these young kids could skate well—much better than I’ll ever be able to skate (hell, it took me years to figure out how to stay upright when roller skating). I didn’t marvel at the one kid who slammed into the wall at high speed, nor did I marvel at the four girls who were skating while holding hands and somehow managed to clothesline a little boy. I mean, damn. I’d be scarred for life if four older girls clotheslined me on the ice rink.


Despite a big ol’ lazy streak that I’ve developed over the last week—meaning that I haven’t been working too much—I still managed to scan enough paper at work today to tweak some muscle in my neck. There are two types of batches of paper that I scan at work, really: the unimportant ones, and the important ones. (Didn’t see that one coming, did you?) Unimportant papers are good to have, but we could get a second copy of them if we needed to. Important ones are irreplacable. Consequently, because the scanner has the ability to pick up multiple sheets of paper at a time, I have to watch the scanner scan important batches.

We have a lot of important batches.

My head is heavy, and my neck is weak. So, if I hold my head in a “watch the scanner” position for too long, I’ll eventually develop this massive pain in my neck. It usually ends in my waking up one morning unable to rotate my head without Extreme Pain. It lasts for a day or two, and then passes until next time. If I’m unlucky, tomorrow will be another day of Extreme Pain.

Otherwise, today has been very quiet. In chatting with Tiffany online this evening, I was reminded that the long-rumored plans to build a gazillion-screen theater in-town seems to be solidifying into fact, after a five year delay. Yes! A Real Theater might be coming to town! Soon I’ll be able to pay an exorbitant amount of money to sit in a dark room with a bunch of strangers and watch 20 minutes of ads, 15 minutes of previews, and a 90 minute movie. With a gazillion other screens around my screen. Hopefully it’ll provide for smaller movies to make an appearance in town, such as—I dunno—things like the Cowboy Bebop movie and Spirited Away. (I can wish, right?) Some fear that this might put the Avalon out of business, since indie films will ostensibly fill the excess screens. I don’t know.

Well, since I still have an hour or two in me before I crash for the night—and since everyone else in my family has already gone to bed (they’re sane!)—I might as well see if I can fill out my weekend experiences. More to come…


As my condition has continued to deteriorate (e.g. my legs have never recovered from my last DDR session), I think I’ll give this “sleep” thing a chance to patch me up. As I’ve just woken up from a nap, I still don’t have further details on my weekend adventures. You weep, I know. I’m sorry.

[fifteen minutes later] Wow. I really had to scrounge around to find something interesting to throw your way, and it’s still only something of limited value to y’all. Check out Chiyo Chichi (aka Chiyo-chan’s dad, as imagined by one of the other Azumanga Daioh girls; sharp-eyed people might correctly guess that “chichi” is Japanese for “dad”) and his flash-based role in Guilty Gear XX. The one executing the beatdown has adopted Johnny’s persona—the captain of the Jellyfish Pirates, and romantic interest of May—which is also funny, because the last thing Johnny usually does is execute a beatdown. That, or else none of my friends can play Johnny well.

Tiffany, if you read this and Tyler needs a good fighting game for his new PS2—have him check out Guilty Gear XX. I’d be interested to see what he thinks about it.

Weekend Blowout Briefing

Otakon was a complete and utter disappointment for new anime licenses. Where’s SaiKano? Where’s Princess Tutu? As I earlier warned I would be, I’m irritated.

That [irritation] passed quickly.

On Saturday I spent four hours helping Brian’s mom finish setting up her computer (hopefully the basics, such as email, all work now), and then—pretty much on a last-second whim—drove up to Lake Oswego to say ‘hi’ to Andy and friends.

I’m just about to fall over right now, though, so I’ll give you a quick look at the events that I’ll go into detail about later. Knowing me, I’ll have to use this list to jog my memory.

Using my iPod as a radio. Getting run off of I-5. Wario Ware, especially with its banal two-player games (e.g. the Knock the Block on Your Opponent’s Head game). Nate refusing to join in; Nick commenting that it was damn boring to watch (and my rejoinder). Nick sitting on Andy’s poster. Andy pouting, and then playing it up the rest of the evening. Monty Python, plus Nick wearing a dumb hat. The beer bottle that’s empty but isn’t. Going into Street Gang mode to collect a game and a laptop. Andy’s attempt at “hiding.” Playing said game on said laptop while watching Go, and then the Animatrix. Laptop’s heat issues. My limited knowledge of game. Going to bed by iPod light.

Guilty Gear XX, and my dramatic improvement against Andy. Talk of trip to Vegas. Destruction of my iPod case. Driving to Lloyd Center (?) with Andy and Karl to see 28 Days Later. The deserted street that wasn’t. The end is fucking nigh (HAHAHA). My illuminating, well-informed critique of the movie. EB Soul Calibur II devastation. Cooling off by the ice skating rink, commenting about how these little kids could skate better than I ever would—except the little kid that went full-speed into the wall. And the four girls who skated holding hands and clotheslined a young boy.

Holy Smokes!

Just after posting the most-recent blog entry, I happened across Absolutely New news: Daichi’s directing a sequel to Jubei-Chan the Ninja Girl!

I know, I know. That only makes any sense to Brian, and even to him it’ll be (at best) an “oh. that’s interesting” tidbit to be promptly forgotten.

In the process of discovering this, though, I’ve found another episodic anime review blog/site: Momotato Daioh. This is the third one I’ve found…I think I’m becoming a fan of these types of sites. The other two, if you weren’t keeping track or I forgot to tell you about them, are Tempy’s Journal and nowhere – anime blog.

Okay. Now I’m going to bed for real.


Apparently the boss thought I’d be around long enough at work to justify having me trained in report generation, but I’m not going to be around long enough to learn how to print claims and give my office manager time to do her real work. I’m not sure how that adds up.

The time it takes to do anything with our new system is absolutely astounding; in this day and age, you would think they could write a program that could manage some of its own tedious details. (You can, and there are programs that do—just not this one.)

Ah well. Otherwise work was quiet. The evening was quiet, too; I pretty much just killed time. I discovered that the Worst Birthday Present I Ever Received (haha), the movie Surf Nazis Must Die, is actually just one of far too many extremely-low-budget movies that exist in this world (don’t forget the navigation bar on the left, if you follow the link; there’s plenty more than what’s on that first page!). Back in the day I used to enjoy watching bad horror movies, such as Friday the 13th part VIII, but these movies make my bad horror movies look like Schindler’s List. I guess I’m growing up, though, because I can no longer see why I would want to waste my time watching awful movies—even despite the fact that, with each passing day, a bad movie would represent a smaller and smaller portion of the time I’ve existed.

Wow. That last paragraph just reminded me of all kinds of things. I really enjoy Joe Bob Briggs‘ reviewing style. I need to actually watch Schindler’s List sometime. And, because the paragraph reminded me of things, I was reminded that I wanted to remind myself (!?) to tell you all about the Next Big Thing coming out of Japan (well, from some Japanese doujin group, at least): Azu Race Daioh. You can read a bit more about it on the Insert Credit home page, where I first learned of the game, or you could cut to the chase and download a video clip of the game in action.

No real news from Otakon tonight, either. This is good. Tomorrow is when most of the companies make their announcements. This is bad. To pass the time I DDRed, and have shown dramatic improvement from my first outing. I still suck, but now I’m mildly competitive on the easiest setting of the game…before I’d lose the beat from the start and never recover.

Silly Coworker

No matter how hard I try, nothing ever really changes: I’m still updating this thing at near-unGodly hours of the night. OK, so I’m not trying all that hard. And things have changed, because I now feel darn tired when I update this thing.

Last night I compromised between my two desires (sleep and reading Kare Kano manga 2) by reading the first act of Kare Kano before going to sleep. What a difference one part of a story arc can make! I thoroughly enjoyed what I read of the second book, so the series isn’t lost on me yet.

Today must have been comedy hour at work. I arrived at lunchtime to find a coworker asleep on the couch (not a terribly uncommon occurrence); I later learned that said coworker had been sleeping for an hour when I arrived—on the clock. Boo yah. Who in the world would think that people wouldn’t notice that?

I then checked my email, and found a mass email the same coworker had sent to everyone in the office earlier in the day. This email’s hook? It was written by Jar Jar Binks. I swear. There was only one grammatically correct sentence in the entire thing (“There are doughnuts in the break room.”), followed by three or four hilariously messed up lines (“Meesa so sorry forget yoos alls birthdays.”)

Actually, scratch that. In his own bizarre way, Jar Jar has some sense of grammar and sentence structure. This email completely lacked any sense of those.

I came home to find this review of Saiyuki up at AnimeJump. I don’t know who Darius Washington is, but the first line in his review, and an analogy he makes towards the end, has made me a fan of his. Needless to say, I feel similarly about Saiyuki.

Dinner with my aunt, uncle, and grandma was fun and quite tasty (steak, yum!). Once the place quieted down, Marin and I took in the first episode of my newly-arrived copy of Maison Ikkoku. MI has the distinction of being the first (mini-) box set I’ve purchased that features an obi (!!!). Marin seemed to find the episode entertaining; though I had read the story in manga form earlier, I still took great pleasure in watching Yotsuya causing mischief.

Seeing as how I’m even more Powerfully Tired than I was last night, and it’s an hour later than it was when I finished up last night, I guess I’ll cut this update off at the knees. Otakon starts tomorrow. Oooooh!

Powerfully Tired

I had to arrive at work early today, so I could help my office manager deal with a sales representative following up on the scanning program I use. Only problem was that the sales rep was multiple hours late, and arrived just after I left to go pick Marin up for lunch…so I was lots of help. [Actually, I did get to talk to the guy for a minute…and learned that there was a newer version of our scanning program out. When I looked it up this evening, I discovered that it’s been out for over a year. w00t, sales guy.]

That’s OK, because I made further progress in cleaning out my cubicle today. I obliterated another pile marked “scan sometime,” and set myself up nicely to get things straight in relatively short order—completely catching up is beginning to look doable. Meanwhile, the dawning realization that I can’t do my job once school begins, that it’s just gotten too big, has kind of cast a pall over what should be a fairly joyous occasion.

The only other highlight of work was discovering that we had completely forgotten about a birthday, and watching as people threw decorations up, speed-signed a card, and bought some cheap cakes from Albertson’s. The cakes were absolutely delicious; they tasted like giant Ding-Dongs.

My day was just full of thrills, eh?

Tomorrow is my aunt’s birthday, and the day before she returns to Alaska. My uncle (from the other side of my family) also has a job interview in Albany tomorrow, so we’ll have a full house in the evening. Friday will be calmer in the homefront, but much more active on the East Coast. That’s right, everybody: this weekend is Otakon!

If some company doesn’t announce that they’ve licensed SaiKano, I’m gonna be ticked.

Otherwise—as I originally feared with Anime Expo—there’s great potential for being overwhelmed with new title announcements. If that doesn’t happen, though, next year should be comparatively light for me…this is pretty much the last major venue for new title announcements.

Last night I had a look at the KareKano “graphic novel” (i.e. manga) #1. I ordered the book a year ago, during Barnes and Noble’s summer sale event (30% off all new books)—which oddly hasn’t been brought back—and never got it. They actually ended up cancelling it for me, without telling me, earlier this year, and I had to order it elsewhere…and just got it a week or so ago. I’m not sure if I like the manga, yet (in contrast, I definitely enjoyed the first episode of the anime); Marin says that it’s well-liked for its characters and story, but is lacking in the artwork department. I’d have to agree with the art assessment, but I haven’t gotten far enough to judge characters or story.

I would read KareKano #2 tonight (I got that one last year, somehow), but, as my blog title says, I’m Powerfully Tired.

Error: Insert Brain

Today continued my lackluster streak that began with my return from Portland yesterday.

Portland actually was quite nice. On the ride up I learned that my boss’ assistant, a quiet woman who’s a bit older than I am (maybe low 30s?), enjoys listening to punk covers of songs, had a Homestar Runner song stuck in her head, and was quite conversant in matters of South Park. Damn. As you might guess, the ride up was thoroughly entertaining for me. I don’t know that my boss was as involved in the conversation, though.

My arch-rival actually works in a nice building surrounded by green grass and trees (!). (Note that there’s construction going on around my office, so the most I usually see is a mound of dirt. Also note that my family hasn’t watered our lawn this summer, so the grass is D-E-D dead.) Training went all right, though was rather generic (“this is how you get things to work, in general…beyond that, you really just need to mess around with it”). I think she’s probably right about that, though—some things need to be learned through experience. I also met one of my boss’ affiliates (who also happens to teach in the College of Business—small world), and was treated to lunch (a tasty chicken club sandwich, otherwise notable for being Not-Fish) with everyone at a seafood restaurant.

Anyhoo, today. The day started off around 5:30 am, when heavy rain and thunder crippled any chance I had of real sleep. (Yesterday had been completely sunny and pleasant, so the change was remarkable.) I was woken again around 7:30 am, and decided to go unplug all the big electronic devices. I arose last at 10 am, still to thunder and rain…which cleared up soon after.

I had serious difficulty ordering lunch for Marin and me from Taco Time—I completely forgot about my food, and generally bumbled while getting Marin’s order to the cashier—and I think the cashier added a Stupidity Tax to my meal. At work I discovered I was completely unable to multi task, which lowered my throughput substantially…when your main job is watching paper go through a scanner, you can usually get something else done as well. If you can multi task. Which I couldn’t. I also dripped Mountain Dew on my shirt, thanks to a leaky lid, and dropped my iPod twice. Short distances both times, thankfully. Ugh.


A few things have come to my attention over the last couple days. One was actually from an email Eric sent me a while back that I had forgotten about until I ran across it again this evening, and the other is much more timely.

First, as long-time readers might recall (if they had a much better memory than mine), in my July 21st update I made mention of a local Hawaiian show that Eric had introduced me to. I had originally guessed that the show was entitled “Da Brothers.” Eric has since corrected me: the show is spelled “Da Braddahs,” and it even has a web site. The offending post has been corrected, and the web site has been noted.

Secondly, I regret to inform you that I used the incorrect title for my last blog update, but am still too lazy to change it. The title used was “Isshou!,” which—as best I can figure out—might be translated as “one victory!” It might also be translated, however, as “one existence,” “a generation,” “a general,” “a laugh,” “a unit of old Japanese liquid measurement (1800 cc),” “with utmost effort,” “to laugh (someone) down,” “the noontide of life,” and “yo mamma.” I was unaware of the serious nature of this last translation, and for that I apologize. I should have entitled the last update Nippon Ichi! instead.


I survived Portland, but at serious personal cost.

First I developed a fairly severe sinus headache on the way home. Then I got tired, so I tried to take a nap—only my heart rate became elevated (not too psychotic, but definitely not resting) and wouldn’t slow down. Finally, now, I seem to have lost control over my body temperature.

I think this is when I fall into a coma for the next month.

Miko Miko Madness

I ended up taking a massive nap today. That’s about all the news fit to print.

Andy’s repeatedly tormented me with Miko Miko Nurse links and references. First it was the MP3. Then it was the Flash animation. Now it’s the meta-Flash animation.

Much like the American Wedding movie and Roger Ebert, the latest Miko Miko installment entertains me a great deal.

Ah well. It’s late, and I have a battle scheduled tomorrow. If I don’t update my blog in the next couple days, it might be safe to assume that I lost and am now floating face-down in the Columbia.

I bet that wouldn’t help the salmon population any.

Drastic My Soul

I’m soooooooooo tired. Seems I’m still staying up too late and getting up too early. Continuing this trend bodes poorly for my continued existence.

Of course, Monday is the newly appointed day for my trip to do battle training with support-person Debbie. This means I’ll be either in-transit or in-combat all day, where you define “day” to mean “from 8:00 am until about 4:30 pm.” As this definition of day includes hours I haven’t recently included in my own personal definition of day (namely that 8-10 am range)…I’m going to be hurting come Monday.

I’ve discovered that Comcast doesn’t seem to allow CGI scripts to run from their server, so my blog will continue to be a manually-maintained affair. Ah well; it’s not that much work, nor is it that frequent. Now if I’d just put some energy into the rest of this site….

Engaged Andy in a ferocious Guilty Gear battle today. He was dismayed to learn that I can now pull off some of Baiken’s counters, happy to discover that I’m still far from a master of them, and generally (argh) better than me. I was able to keep up with him when I was able to pull off that “Z” motion with the controller (you know: forward, down, down-forward), which rarely came together for me today, and when I didn’t get too wrapped up in trying to use my new moves. With more time, I’ll be something to be feared. Once I master Baiken’s counters, I’ll be Tournament Worthy. Ha ha ha.

I’m sure y’all believe that it’s been a life-long dream of mine to compete favorably in a Guilty Gear tournament. Yeah.

Also had fun accompanying Andy around town while he tried to run various errands: buying a replacement OSU hat (they no longer sell the style of hat he used to have), visiting the Philomath Gun Shop (only open from 10-6:30 on Monday through Thursday) and collecting his keg from Chris and returning it back to Tailgaters. We actually were able to collect the keg, which was really the only thing that went Andy’s way all day. Well, we also ate lunch at Quizno’s, so he can’t complain too much. They do make a tasty sandwich.

Eh? What’s with the title of this entry? The ending to s-CRY-ed features one of the more humorous Engrish lines in the history of anime themes: I believe in drastic my soul! It also has this catchy pseudo-latin beat to it. I could almost dance to the song, if that wouldn’t be incredibly sad.

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